Sure, you know where I’ll be this Free Comic Book Day, but what if you don’t live near Connecticut?  What other options do you have?

Well, you could stop by Collectibles, Etc., in Lexington, KY.  The super-fun Beaucoup Pop podcast will be hanging out there, and podcast members Justin Stewart and Tressa Bowling will be creating some works of art.

Also at Collectibles, Etc., will be Action Lab Entertainment President Shawn Pryor and “Jetta” artist/cocreator Martheus Wade, and they’ll have plenty of Action Lab goodies, comics, and swag for sale (yes, I totally lifted that from their web site).  Also representing Action Lab will be “Fracture” artist Chad Cicconi at Pittsburgh Comics in McMurray, PA, and “Princeless” creator Jeremy Whitley at Big Planet Comics in Vienna, VA, and College Park, MD.  And if that’s not enough, Action Lab will be releasing a free 200-PAGE digital sampler on their web site.  Yeah, this crew is pulling out all the stops.

Can’t make it out at all?  Well, BW Media Spotlight has you covered.  You’ll get Twitter reviews of the FCBD releases, and maybe even some video, too.  So yeah, plenty of options for all.  I hope you find something good for you!

And this just a TINY fraction of all the awesomeness you’ll see tomorrow (note to self: start compiling a list like this more than 36 hours before the event).  If you want to find some FCBD fun near you, go to the Free Comic Book Day web site!