“So what’s this Moon Freight 3 about, anyway?”

Moon Freight 3 is a sci-fi/comedy webcomic about a guy named Larry Forrest and a robot named Bolts, who work on a cargo inspection station named Moon Freight 3. It’s my vision about what life will be like for the average Joe in the future.

“How often do you update?”

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

“How far into the future does this series take place?”

At this point in our history, humanity has colonized the solar system but hasn’t made it farther out than that. They have not made contact with any alien species, if any even exist.

“Are you one of those cartoonists who makes his main character a thinly-veiled version of himself?”

No. I consciously designed Larry to be different than me for just that reason.

“Oh come on. Even your names sound kind of the same. Luke Foster, Larry Forrest… who are you trying to kid?”

The similarity between our names is coincidental. I tried to pick a very ordinary-sounding name for Larry to emphasize his everyman aspects. His name was originally Larry Rivers, but then I discovered that’s the name of an artist/moviemaker from the 1920s, so it got changed to Forrest because forests and rivers are both part of nature.

“So there’s no similarity between you and Larry at all?”

All right, I admit there is one: he and I both agree that Natalie Portman is the most beautiful woman to ever walk the Earth. Other than that, no way.

“So is this comic a one-man show?”

For the most part, yes. I do all of the writing and illustration. (The logo and website were designed and built by my best friend.)

“Science fiction is for nerds and losers. Am I gonna understand this comic even if I don’t like science fiction, or am I gonna have to beat you up for being different from me?”

Wow, you’re a bit defensive, don’t you think? Anyway, you should have no problem with this. The comedy is the most important part of the strip. The science fiction is written in as naturally as I can make it fit, and hopefully emphasizes, not detracts from, the comedy.

“What else should I know?”

I think you know enough to get started. If you like the strip, tell your friends. If you hate it, tell your enemies.