Check out MF3‘s first holiday special from Christmas 2010!


For eight months I wrote and drew The Gang From the Store: True Tales From the Comic Book Shop. Each strip was a short, true vignette about something funny that happened at my local comic shop. You can read the entire 64-episode run here at pkdmedia.com.


Moon Freight 3 was the feature of an article on The Pulse, Nov. 28, 2008. You can read the article here.

The comic was briefly reviewed on episode 45 of the Comic Book Outsiders podcast, which you can download here.  Then, on episode 109, I was interviewed in-depth on the comic and putting together Clockpunchers in Space. That episode can be downloaded here.

The Small Press Big Mouth podcast reviewed the comic on episode 5, which can be downloaded here.

Comic review and news site Comic Book Resources has a blog called Comics Should be Good, and in May 2011 blogger Brian Cronin ran A Month of Web Comics, spotlighting a different webcomic each day. Moon Freight 3 was spotlighted on May 6, and that column can be read here.

The always-fun Christiann MacAuley of Sticky Comics and I were interviewed on episode 124 of the Geektress podcast, which you can download here.

Tony Wright of Champion City Comics did a short review and interview on his site on January 26, 2012. That piece can be read here.