Larry Forrest:Larry is the chief cargo inspector aboard Moon Freight 3. He’s also the only cargo inspector. While some might see him as a lazy cynic, he’s really a bright guy crushed by boredom. He’s your average twentysomething who got a bad job out of college that he seems to have gotten stuck in. He fights the boredom by giving authority figures grief, watching TV, and finding new and inventive ways to entertain himself. In recent years he found himself in a leadership role in his union, a responsibility he didn’t ask for but nonetheless takes very seriously.Larry’s first appearance.
Bolts:Bolts is Moon Freight 3’s robot technician. He is in charge of maintenance, repairs, and anything on the station that doesn’t fall under the description of “cargo inspection.” Which is pretty much everything. Smart but naïve in an innocent way, Bolts has loads of intelligence but has seen almost none of the solar system outside of Moon Freight 3. But just because he’s not streetwise doesn’t mean he’s a pushover. There’s a lot going on behind those wide eyes of his. He and Larry are best friends, which is good, seeing as they have to spend most of their time together.Bolts’ first appearance.
X:AKA the Janitor, Jeeves, and Che Robota, X has had plenty of names and personalities in his short life. Bolts built him on Moon Freight 3 before he was shipped off to Earth, but was sent back to the station in a probationary role after an unsuccessful hostage-taking. His probation now up, X wanders the solar system, going wherever he can find a ship willing to take him as a passenger in exchange for janitorial work.  So who was the hostage, anyway? See the next character.X’s first appearance.
Eleanor Norvegicus-Smythe:Eleanor is Larry and Bolts’ stuffy, condescending, upper-class boss, a woman who looks down on everyone she deems as beneath her, which is actually quite a lot of people. She took over running the Moon Freight stations when Larry and Bolts’ previous supervisor, Commander Robert Griffin, was transferred back to a military post. She is also a sentient rat. But all rats are sentient now, thanks to science.Eleanor’s first appearance.
Katie Forrest:Cheerful, perpetually optimistic, and one of the most brilliant physics students in the solar system, Katie is everything her brother is not. She is an undergraduate at the University of Pluto at Charon, where she is trying to solve the mystery of faster-than-light travel. Despite their differences, Larry and Katie are very close, and he has never stopped being ridiculously overprotective of her.Katie’s first appearance.
May Rodentia:Another physics genius, May is Katie’s roommate and best friend at college, and the two are inseparable in the way only best friends in college can be. May is more cynical and world-wise than Katie, and finds herself trying to protect Katie from the perceived ills of the solar system just as often as she takes advantage of being able to get her taller friend to carry her when her rat size proves to be detrimental.May’s first appearance.
Kim Cho:Kim was, for a brief time, the cargo inspector on Moon Freight 4. She was quickly promoted to a management position above Larry (a job he applied for and she didn’t, no less), which Larry realized happened because she hates the union that he so strongly champions. The two often verbally spar, with Kim trying to prove herself as a competent manager despite her youth and inexperience while Larry tries to protect the workers he represents. While they still dislike each other greatly, Kim and Larry now have an odd level of respect for each other after she came to him for career advice, saying that he may not agree with her policies but he’d never lie to her. X thinks the two actually fight because they’re attracted to each other, a theory they both refute VERY quickly.Kim’s first appearance.
Ben Starr:Ben is captain of the Blue Moon and owner of the Blue Moon Shipping Company. Ben is an easygoing and genuinely nice guy, and he, Larry, and Bolts have become friends over the years. Ben is at Moon Freight 3 a lot, and has become the Forrest family’s unofficial pilot whenever they are coming or going to MF3.Ben’s first appearance.
Cal Murphy:Cal is the nightmare coworker personified. Another one of the cargo pilots, Cal revels in tormenting not only Larry at every opportunity, but any of the other Moon Freight cargo inspectors. He is literally a lunatic who should be locked up, but has managed to avoid it thanks to a great union contract.Cal’s first appearance.


Commander John Griffin:Commander Griffin was Larry and Bolts’ first boss. A hard-as-nails military commander, he was never quite happy with Larry’s work. He left the Moon Freight Company years ago to get back into the military, and except for one brief shot on the news (where he had a freshly-missing eye), the guys haven’t seen him since.Griffin’s first appearance.
Hillary Green:Hillary was a public relations agent who met Larry when her ship had to make an emergency stop at Moon Freight 3. The mutual attraction soon blossomed into a relationship, but ended when she decided the two couldn’t make a long-distance relationship work. That was the last time they spoke.Hillary’s first appearance.
Josef St. Pierre:A wide-eyed and optimistic guy, Josef trained under Larry when he was hired to work on Moon Freight 4. Bound for better things, Josef left MF4 after a little more than a year when he sold a screenplay based on one of his true-life adventures, and has since moved to Bollywood.Josef’s first appearance.